Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Civic Center provide for Events?

The Windham Civic Center provides the following at no extra charge: (NOTE: Some of the items listed below are on a first come-first served basis.)

  • Pre-Set Up per Customer’s specifications

  • Rectangular or round style tables

  • Folding Chairs

  • Advertising Marquee

  • Ample parking, including handicap parking areas

  • Lobby for Reception or Registration area at no extra charge (per availability)

  • Free Wireless Internet availability

The Civic Center does not provide tools, ladders, office equipment, copy services or phone service.


What other options are available?

For an additional fee the following are available:

  • Cushioned Chairs

  • Stage

  • Curtain backdrop

  • Connection for your laptop computer to the in-house video system for presentations or videos

  • Independent Sound System (includes microphones, instrument connection, and CD player)


Am I allowed to bring my own food?

The Client may bring a cake for a reception or shower. All other food must be catered. A caterer is defined as someone who prepares food professionally, delivers the food to the facility,, and has a health certificate and tax i.d. This person/company must be pre-approved by the Civic Center staff. Any table used for serving or eating is required to be covered.


Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is allowed at events that are not honoring a minor (someone who is under the age of 18). Security for any alcohol event is mandatory. There are specific guidelines in the Policy Manual describing the manner in which alcohol may be used in an Event.


Can the customer supply their own Security?

No, Security is scheduled exclusively through the Center Police Department. All Security is coordinated through the Civic Center, and is part of the customer’s Contract.  


What is the customer responsible for cleaning?

The customer is responsible for cleaning up all decorations (i.e. balloons, and other miscellaneous décor), tablecloths, and trash their Event has generated. If the Event includes some outside activity on the property (i.e., a farewell during a wedding reception), cleanup will include the driveway and porch areas. If the kitchen is used, the Caterer is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and leaving it in the same condition as they found it. The Customer is responsible for ensuring the caterer has left the kitchen clean as described.


What is the early move in rate? 

The “Early Move-In” rate is a reduced price for use of the facility to decorate or set up for an event the day prior to the Event. “Early Move-In” is usually a period of four to six hours, unless specific arrangements have been approved by the Director, prior to the date of the Event.


Is there a catering fee and who is responsible for paying the fee?

Whenever food is involved in the Event, a Kitchen/Catering Fee will be charged to the Client. This helps to cover the expense for use of the kitchen and equipment. It also helps with the additional cleanup necessary following an event that includes food (as opposed to the cleanup required for a non-food event).


Does the Civic Center supply coffee or ice? 

There is an optional service for the facility to provide coffee and/or water (i.e., for a business meeting). Depending upon our supply and availability, we are very happy to assist in supplying the ice in-house.


Is a Deposit required; and if so, is it refundable? 

The amount of the Damage Deposit is required to hold a specific date for an Event. The Damage Deposit is refundable after the Event, provided the facility is left in the same condition in which it was provided to the Client.


What days of the week do can be reserved?

The Civic Center is available for reservations seven days a week. The office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Please call ahead for an appointment: 936-598-4466). (NOTE: The fee for use of the facility on a nationally recognized holiday and holiday weekend is 1.5 times the normal rate.)


Is there a credit card connection available? 

The Civic Center now accepts credit card payments.


Are we required to have liability insurance? 

There may be times insurance is necessary, depending upon varying risk and safety factors. This decision for the customer to provide insurance will be at the discretion of the Civic Center Director. 


How many people will the Civic Center hold? 

Capacity is dependent on which rooms are rented, and what manner of layout is used. The facility is adaptable for groups of 10 to over 900, depending on the space and furniture used.